Golden Lotus with Teacher Mark Broscheit

Qigong is a major component of Golden Lotus Therapies, the broader set of therapeutic modalities offered by Mark Broscheit for healing and advancement.  Our practices promote health at all levels. Learn more about Golden Lotus Therapies and Mark Broscheit.

Golden Lotus Qigong is the modality for self-empowerment and healing.  We offer Heart-centered practices for heart opening and health, Kundalini practices for deeper spiritual connection, and Nei Dan Qigong for physical health and mental clarity. Learn more about Golden Lotus Qigong.

Below, I have provided links to some of my videos from Youtube that show a variety of Qigong practices. These include Golden Lotus and traditional Taoist Qigong. If you have questions or comments please connect as shown.

Seven Gateways Qigong

Traditional Chinese Qigong refers to five gateways through which Qi can enter the body.   The five Gateways are the soles of the feet, the palms of the hands, and the crown.  Qigong practices will often access Qi through these gateways to augment the Qi that is naturally in the body and replace ‘stagnant Qi’ in the body with ‘clean Qi’ from outside. In addition, the human body is energetically connected to its surroundings and requires both a constant flow of Qi internally, and, constant exchange of Qi with the external environment, to maintain health.      

There is one gateway that is sometimes overlooked.   This is the breath, or, lungs.  Yogis particularly emphasize ‘Prana’ through the breath as a means to affect the energy in the body.   In this Qigong, we acknowledge that the breath is a sixth Gateway for Qi.

Finally, the Gateway to the Soul is considered to be the Heart… so we focus on the Heart to open the seventh Gateway.

Kuan Yin’s Compassion

This practice was inspired while meditating on Kuan Yin, compassion, and Qigong.  It is intended for all friends of Kuan Yin. This Qigong is a unique series of mudras, or hand positions, that prepare the energetic body, and then Open the Heart and divine connection to receive a deeper level of compassion from Kuan Yin.  These mudras may not be unique in themselves, however, the intention and specific ordering of the mudras is unique. Practice whenever you wish to Open the Heart and create a deeper connection to Kuan Yin.

Six Healing Sounds

This is an ancient Taoist Qigong practice using a combination of sound, movement, and color to balance and heal the major systems of the body. This Qigong follows the Five Elements of Chinese medicine to release stagnant Qi from the body, and then replenish the healthy Qi for each organ system. This practice also includes a sixth sound to help balance the endocrine system, hormone-producing glands, of the body. This Qigong can be used on a daily basis. While this Qigong is usually done seated, it can be easily adapted to the standing position.

Seated version

Bone Breathing Meditation

This is an ancient Taoist Qigong practice that helps to restore health and strength to the bones.  The practice uses breathing and visualization to bring more healing Qi into the bones and joints.  It can be used for any condition affecting the bones and joints, and complements any other form of treatment.  This meditation is approximately 22 minutes long.