Qi is found in everything and is also the ‘vital force’ that creates life.  Ancient Chinese philosophy considers that ‘the coarsest and heaviest fractions of Qi form solids; lighter fractions form liquids, and the most ethereal fractions are the "lifebreath" that animates living beings’ (Wikipedia).

Gong is translated as ‘work’ or ‘effort’.

When we put these together, Qi+gong refers to our effort to use Qi to improve health for ourselves and others. In some cases the effort may be to focus the mind with an intention, in other cases to perform movements that support an intention. Qigong may also include a combination of both.  However this definition is still not complete. What makes Qigong different from Exercise is the emphasis on Qi.  In Qigong, the physical movement doesn’t just exercise the body, it moves the Qi. In Qigong, the mental focus isn’t just exercising the mind, it focuses the Qi.  The mind and body working together create a harmonious flow and focus of the Qi which creates healing at many levels.

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