In ancient Taoist philosophy, the universe began in an original state of ‘Oneness’.   From this state of Oneness, Yin and Yang Qi were formed.  This created duality/polarity and the Tao. 

Polarity creates a flow of energy, which creates movement and change that can be experienced.  It is experience that ultimately leads to evolution.

In Qigong, we move the body in order to move the Qi.  

Alternatively, we can use the mind to move the Qi through focused thought (Qi responds to our conscious and subconscious intention).  Then, when we reach a state where the mind is calm and relaxed, the Qi still responds to the inspired-consciousness of the Qigong movements themselves. This is a state where the mind and body are in complete harmony and is sometimes referred to as the 'Qigong state'.  

For most of us, our mind and body are typically in some level of disharmony.  The Qi may move but not in a way that is harmonious or beneficial for the body/mind. We may even create conditions within the body/mind that allow dis-ease or imbalance to occur.

Through Qigong, we combine movement with intention and Qi to create balance, a healthy life, and personal evolution.

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