This practice was recently inspired while meditating on Kuan Yin, compassion, and Qigong.  It is intended for all friends of Kuan Yin.

This Qigong is a unique series of mudras, or hand positions, that prepare the energetic body, and then Open the Heart and divine connection to receive a deeper level of compassion from Kuan Yin.  These mudras may not be unique in themselves, however, the intention and specific ordering of the mudras is unique.

Practice whenever you wish to Open the Heart and create a deeper connection to Kuan Yin.

Healing the Heart Qigong originates in 2001/2002, after a period of intense meditation practice.  I was practicing Sheng Zhen Gong meditation and after months of both group and individual practice, I began to feel my body spontaneously move to a unique set of movements that created a deeper level of healing for the heart.  I kept feeling this impulse to move to the same set of movements.  By 2002 I was inspired to conceive and document the movements of Part 1, and began to practice these by myself and with close friends. After a few years, based on my own experience and feedback from others, I decided to share them with a larger audience.  In 2005 I began to include Part 1, ‘Healing the Heart’ in Qigong workshops, and later created a practice DVD.  The more I shared Healing the Heart, the more convinced I became that this was an authentic healing Qigong practice, following in the lineage of my own Sheng Zhen roots.


It wasn’t until 2009, while I attended a conference to promote World Peace, that I suddenly received the inspiration for Part 2, Embracing Peace.  The ‘AH HA’ moment came during one of the Peace lectures. Suddenly I could see the movements for ‘Peace Begins with Me’, the first section of Part 2.  I couldn’t focus on the lecture, and was soon writing a description of the movements on a convenient napkin.  Shortly after the end of the conference, the second section of Part 2, ‘Unfolding the Lotus’, arrived in my mind.  This is the first time, in my experience, that the importance of the ‘bud’ is recognized, in relation to the ‘blossom’.  I shared the combined Parts 1 and 2 with my closest circle and again received great feedback.  Within a short time, I created a new Healing the Heart DVD including both parts.


At that point, I thought that Healing the Heart was complete.  I was quite surprised when, a few months later, I found the inspiration for a third set of movements, The World is One. Healing the Heart was now a complete trilogy.


Each subsequent part builds on the previous.  The heart must first be balanced and open; then it can become peaceful.  Once peace fills the heart, the practitioner can experience a state of oneness with nature, humanity, and the world.  The first part focuses on the individual, the second part on the individual and their environment, and the third on the individual and the world.


You can try part 1 for yourself via our videos page.  The complete DVD will be available this summer in our store.