Traditional Chinese Qigong refers to five Gateways through which Qi can enter the body. The five Gateways are the soles of the 2 feet, the palms of the 2 hands, and the crown. Qigong practices often access Qi through these Gateways to augment the Qi that is naturally in the body and replace ‘stagnant Qi’ in the body with ‘clean Qi’ from outside. A second perspective is that the human body is always energetically connected to its surroundings, and requires both a constant flow of Qi internally and constant exchange of Qi with the external environment, to maintain health. There is one gateway that is sometimes overlooked. This is the breath, or lungs. Yogis particularly emphasize ‘Prana’ through the breath as a means to affect the energy in the body. In this Qigong, we acknowledge that the breath is a sixth Gateway for Qi. Finally, the Gateway to the Soul is considered to be the Heart - so we open the Heart to open the seventh Gateway. This Qigong can be used on a daily basis, and especially when you feel out-of-balance.

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