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Qi As It Should Be! Feb 2014

Qi As It Should Be! Feb 2014

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Newsletter #01 | 17 January 2022

Hello Visitor Visitor


Welcome to our first official newsletter and Happy Thanksgiving to all.


Thanks so much for your patience.  We have been getting your feedback and implementing many changes to improve our website.   The main changes you will notice respond to changing technology in smart phones and tablets.  

Many of these have web browsers with built in movie players.  So now, when you download a Qigong practice from our website, it may play directly from the web browser on your smart phone or tablet.  


And now, you will have an unlimited number of downloads for a period of two months from your purchase date.  This applies to the practice and instructional videos, as well as the documentation.  At the end of the two months, you may need to renew your purchase.

If your download does not play immediately, check where the file has been downloaded to and ensure that you have a movie or audio player on your device.  You may also contact me for further help!


As another Thank You to our subscribers, I have activated a Discount Code that enables you to access the purchase Qigong practices at no cost.  From today, Oct 13th, until Sunday Oct 26, use the Discount Code shown below to access all of the Qigong downloads for free.  You will have unlimited downloads for two months from your purchase date.


Discount Code:             FreeGoldenLotusQigong


Many blessings,

Mark Broscheit |
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