Golden Lotus Qigong is a blend of traditional and contemporary movements that create a deeper experience of healing, balance and awareness.  

What makes Golden Lotus Qigong unique?

  • These sets of movements are inspired, for this unique period in human evolution, to assist in personal improvement and transformation.  From an ancient tradition that includes many, many forms of Qigong, there may even be others, with a similar name, but they do not encompass the same inspiration, healing or balance.
  • These movements can be learned and performed well by most practitioners with a relatively short amount of practice.  Many other Qigong movements are complex and require detailed instruction and lengthy practice to perform competently.  Having said this, regular and consistent practice of any Qigong will multiply the benefits.
  • The groups of movements that make up Golden Lotus Qigong practices, such as Kundalini Qigong, are inspired to create the maximum benefit to the practitioner, while keeping the movements easier to learn and perform.  Many other Qigong practices require months or years of discipline and dedicated practice to acquire the benefits. 
  • Golden Lotus Qigong practices include visualization, movement, mudras (hand positions), and some mantras to improve the practitioners relationship to the Qi.  'Perfection' is not a prerequisite to obtaining benefit through these practices. 

Guidelines for Learning

  • Each movement in a 'Golden Lotus Qigong practice' builds on the previous movements to create a unique experience of the Qi for each practitioner.  It is generally best to perform all of the movements in a practice rather than single-out specific movements.  Where there is a Part 2, it is best to perform Part 1 just before starting Part 2.   
  • Wear comfortable clothing and minimize restrictions to the flow of the Qi.
  • Follow the Instructions in your download package.  If you have difficulties, send me an email at   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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