Qigong is a major component of Golden Lotus Therapies, the broader set of therapeutic modalities offered by Mark Broscheit for healing and advancement.  Our practices promote health at all levels. Learn more about Golden Lotus Therapies and Mark Broscheit.

Golden Lotus Qigong is the modality for self-empowerment and healing.  We offer Heart-centered practices for heart opening and health, Kundalini practices for deeper spiritual connection, and Nei Dan Qigong for physical health and mental clarity, as well as traditional Taoist Qigong practices. Learn more about Golden Lotus Qigong

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New Video: Kuan Yin's Compassion

This practice was recently inspired while meditating on Kuan Yin, compassion, and Qigong.  It is intended for all friends of Kuan Yin. This Qigong is a unique series of mudras, or hand positions, that prepare the energetic body, and then Open the Heart and divine connection to receive a deeper level of compassion from Kuan Yin.  These mudras may not be unique in themselves, however, the intention and specific ordering of the mudras is unique. Practice whenever you wish to Open the Heart and create a deeper connection to Kuan Yin.

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